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Bring your customers into the future of recommerce

Customers are looking for a way to shop more sustainably, and we’ve been working to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable fashion economy for the last 10 years. 

Join the circular economy

RELOOP with us

We want to change the way you think about your products. Why sell once what you could sell twice?

Support your customers in reselling your items and increase your revenue while decreasing your impact on our planet.

How we can help

When you partner with RELOOP we give you more than just a plug-in for your site (though we do include that). Of course, we’ll handle all the logistics of the resale process, but we’ll also provide a white label website, specifically tailored for your brand and customers.

Partnering with RELOOP will bring your company into the circular economy, while also showing your customers that you are a responsible, climate-conscious brand.

Rescue, not just resale

In 2021, we worked with Calvin Klein Australia and Thread Together to revive 500+ pairs of water damaged jeans so they could be redistributed to people in need. Our 10 years of expertise has given us the ability to repair and sell items that might otherwise end up in landfill. 

If you find yourself with unsold or damaged stock we would love to help bring those items back to life and help your brand book more revenue.

We are the trusted partner of David Jones, Spell, Camilla and many more, and we’re ready to do the heavy lifting to bring your brand into the circular economy.

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