About reloop

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At RELOOP, our Mission is to help accelerate the transition towards a more sustainable and circular fashion system.

Who we are

RELOOP was founded by the team behind GlamCorner, a Sydney based online fashion rental business started by husband and wife duo; Dean Jones and Audrey Khaing-Jones. 

At GlamCorner, we’ve been waging a war on fashion waste for the past 10 years. We hate the idea of an item sitting unused at the back of a closet, or in a landfill, while our planet’s resources are being needlessly consumed to generate the same product.

What we do

RELOOP is here to enable every retailer, brand and individual to join the circular economy. Our tried and tested operations process takes the hassle and guesswork out of buying and selling pre-loved items. 

Since 2012, the GlamCorner community has shared over 1,000 tonnes of clothing to date. And this is just the beginning. We're ready to do the work to empower all of us to do something good for our planet. Together we can close the consumption waste loop.

Extending a garment's life by 9 months, reduces its water footprint by 20-30%

Thank you.

Meet our brand partners
Meet our brand partners
“In a world where our resources are finite, we have long known that it is circular or bust. Spell are very excited to play our part when it comes to moving towards a circular economy with our Sister to Sister rental platform, powered by GlamCorner.

Inspired by our community, who have always led us with their passion to buy, swap and sell our pieces, we are now offering a new solution to accessing our collections whilst decreasing the size of your wardrobe and your environmental impact on the planet.”
— Elizabeth Abegg, Co-Founder of Spell
Meet our brand partners
“We are committed to reducing our environmental impact throughout our business operations and supply chain at David Jones and embedding our Good Business Journey throughout all endeavours continues to remain one of our key strategic focus areas. We are constantly considering new ways of doing business to support a circular economy and this collaboration is another important move towards this.”
— Eloise Bishop, David Jones Head of Sustainability
Meet our brand partners
“Our partnership with GlamCorner perfectly aligns with our brand’s vision to become a more conscious retailer and serve the shifting values of our customer base. It’s an important step towards reducing the impact unused clothes have on our planet and giving consumers a more accessible entry point to the brand. We’re excited to continue exploring the innovative ways we can Colour the World in CAMILLA.”
— Jane McNally, CEO of CAMILLA