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What is RELOOP

RELOOP is here to help you buy and sell Pre-Loved Premium Fashion. We believe that a well designed item deserves more than one life.

Together with our sister company GlamCorner, Australia’s leading designer rental destination, we are on a mission to revolutionise the way fashion is consumed and close the consumption waste loop.

I forgot to add my items to RELOOP when purchasing them, can I still list them on Reloop?

Yes! You can add the item directly to your RELOOP account by following the steps here.

What is circular fashion?

It’s a reuse revolution! Circular fashion is the practice of using items that already exist. Circular fashion models include rental, resale, creating long-lasting designs and repairing garments. Reusing garments extends the lifespan of a product while reducing the amount of clothing sent to landfills.

What happens to my items when I choose to recycle them?

For clothing items that are not resalable, we offer our customers the option to donate their items via our service partnership with not-for-profit organisation, Dress for Success.

How does RELOOP work with retailers?

The resale economy has been growing steadily over the past few years, and the COVID-19 crisis accelerated that growth: 57% of consumers report making significant changes to their lifestyle to lessen their environmental impact.

When you partner with RELOOP we give you more than just a plugin for your site (though we do include that). Of course, we’ll handle all the logistics of the resale process, but we’ll also provide a white label website, specifically tailored for your brand and customers. Find out more here.

Why should I purchase Pre-Loved over new?

There are many benefits associated with buying Pre-Loved garments. The most obvious is saving money, but more importantly, you’re helping the environment by extending a garment’s lifecycle. To make sure the benefits are accurately portrayed, RELOOP has partnered with BCOME to assess the carbon emission impact of buying a Pre-Loved item compared to buying a new one. This information is available on the product page of each item on the RELOOP site. By purchasing Pre-Loved (compared to buying brand new), customers can save up to 47 kg of CO2 (based on a Pre-Loved verse new coat) - that is the equivalent of charging 90 mobile phones for one year! Our goal at RELOOP is to give garments as many lives as possible.

How do we send your purchase out?

We send out your Pre-Loved purchases in a box made from 75% recycled materials. The sticky tape is biodegradable and the stickers we use are compostable.

Does RELOOP have a Supply Chain Policy?

Yes! You can read more about our Supply Chain Policy here.

What are the sustainability metrics?

Sustainability metrics are available on the product page of each item on RELOOP. We have benchmarked the environmental impacts of a second-hand garment with an equivalent new item with similar composition and weight. Due to the special and unique features of secondhand  garments, the given figures are based on an average of product categories - however, it must be acknowledged that the environmental impacts vary depending on the composition, product type and garment condition. The sustainability metrics have been estimated based on the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) developed by BCOME that compares the impact of buying secondhand versus buying an equivalent new item.

What is the RELOOP Offer on eBay?

AnsThe RELOOP Offer on eBay is a promotional offer provided by RELOOP in collaboration with Ebay. You’re entitled to the offer on any item you list between the 1st of April and the 30th of June.  Only select Ebay customers are entitled to the exclusive Ebay offer. To Redeem the offer click on the Ebay communications you have received and follow the prompts to sign up and list an item on RELOOP. wer

My Account

How do I update my account details?

To update your account details, go to My Account settings on the menu bar. Please note: changing your email address is not currently available online. If you require any more changes, please contact us via email or phone.

Do you ship overseas?

Yes, we ship all over the world. Shipping costs will apply, and will be added at checkout.


How do I list an item on RELOOP?

You can list the item directly to your RELOOP account by following the steps here.

What are the RELOOP commission fees?

There are two components to our RELOOP commission fees totalling 30%.

There is a 15% platform fee which covers the photoshoot, description writing, management and overall making your item appealing to other shoppers.

There is another 15% concierge fee which covers the logistical aspect of your listing, such as the washing, tagging, packing and shipping of your item.

Which condition should I select for my item?

If you’re unsure which condition to choose from, don’t worry too much. Our team will assess when we receive the item and make sure it is appropriately labelled.

New with Tags: Item has never been worn and still has the original purchase hang tags on it. Please include a photo of the tag.

New without Tags: Item has never been worn and shows no defects or alterations.

Good Condition: A second-hand item which has been worn and well maintained. If the item has defects, you must mention it in the Condition Notes and add Photos in the next section.

Fair Condition: A pre-loved item which has been worn frequently and shows defects (these are mentioned in the Condition Notes and visible in photos).

What delivery method is the best to use?

We offer both Standard and Express delivery options which have differing costs. If you aren't sure which option is best for you, feel free to reach out to our Customer Happiness team and we will be more than happy to help you choose the best option.

What happens if my item doesn't meet the RELOOP listing guidelines?

Within 7 working days the RELOOP team will let you know if your item has been accepted. If, for some unexpected reason, the items aren’t able to be accepted, they can be returned to you, or donated - your choice.

How do I send my item(s) to RELOOP?

When you are ready to send your item(s) to RELOOP, you just need to contact RELOOP via the form here and request a RELOOP kit. The kit will include a compostable return satchel and a return label. So all you have to do is put your item(s) in the satchel and drop it off at any yellow post box!

What are the product listing guidelines?

We currently accept women’s, men’s and children’s clothing; as well as accessories and handbags. We will only be able to re-sell items in good condition, so please make sure the pieces are able to be loved again. We’ll let you know if your items have been accepted within 7 working days. If, for some reason, we aren’t able to accept them, we’ll return your items to you, or donate them — your choice.

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